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Welcome to the Flying Stars RC Service Page

You can place your service request, and a qualified technician will be sure to assist you and support you based upon the info provided.


$25.00 Inspection Fee:

This inspection fee will be applied to all service requests sent to FlyingStarsRC, and if the service can be done and accomplished by the Technician, the $25.00 inspection fee can be applied to the total amount due once the repair has been done.

$50.00 per Hour Service Fee / Charged In Half Hour Increments:

The $50.00 per hour service fee is noted in half hour increments, which comes to $25.00 per half hour. This fee pertains to the service ONLY - parts costs are not included within this figure, and will be noted once the inspection process has been completed.

Local Repairs Only, must submit request before work can be done